When starting new works landscape becomes a way of conceptualizing ideas about space, time, memory, identity and materiality. Spaceship, a white installation from 2013, displayed several sections of a rocket that were scattered across the gallery floor. The exhibition evoked a place lost and frozen in time. Landscape is transformed into a place that is reminiscent of our striving to know about the cosmos, earth and ourselves through science. My clothing is painted onto the surface of the rocket and evokes the draping of an ancient Greek frieze blurring the edges of identity and art history.

Materiality is a main concern when considering a new work. Over the last several years I have used chicken wire as a malleable skeleton and cloth as a skin. The process of hand sewing has been become part of forming of the sculpture. The fragility of the cloth and the time sewing lend a temporal quality to the work. Other materials used for my pieces are sequins, large gems, aluminum foil and duck tape. Going upstream, 2012, is a fifteen-foot long and ten-foot high time/memory curtain. It is composed of three hundred sixty-five black duck tape/chicken wire boats that zigzag up twenty lengths of black twine. My father was a merchant marine and spent his life on boats and this gives personal meaning to the use of boats in my work.


1969 graduated Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1970-1972 advanced studies, ceramics, Mount St Joseph College, Cincinnati Ohio. 1972, scholarship, artist residency, Ox-Bow Summer School of Art, Saugatuck, Michigan. 1972-76 artist studio in New York City. 1976 traveled in Europe with Lilly Wei, curator, art critic, Art in America. Previous exhibitions include; Mount St. Joseph College, Eye Opener Gallery, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cage Gallery, Smith Gallery, KZF Gallery and Suzanna Terrell Gallery.